Sunday, 1 July 2012

maxis wireless M2M

OLLA all!!
have u heard bout maxis wireless m2m??
this is the topic that i had to finish up for my task
regarding my last individual assignment
for this subject, MIS 750..
this system i have known when i had an interview session with one of the senior manager in Maxis Communication system...this task would ask me
to know further about how does 'system' works in organizations...

Maxis Wireless M2M is a telemetry or telematics service that provides seamless communication between devices or servers wirelessly via SMS, GPRS, 3G or Circuit Switch Dial-UP (CSD), requiring 
no user input.

hence, the M2M fleet management solution is a network application system with strong functions that can manage and conduct control over automobiles anywhere. 
the system also performs functions like reading details report, and monitoring the current status of automobiles with a simply standard browser.

{plis do visit this above URL.this link might help u to understand what M2M wireless produced}

Saturday, 30 June 2012

hierarchy of SMARTPHONE needs

hello and hello people
this time,
i'd like to propose an App Hierarchy for smartphone app, 
from least to most worthwhile..
since i had used the smartphones, i already know how much it contribute 
to to finish my task, browsing internet, using GPS, 
and so forth..

 from hierarchy above, i can simply brief about several advantage on smartphone apps;
1. it allows potential families/friends/customers communicate with new and convent
(touch to call, touch to email, and build into GPS capacity)
2. it has all the Social Media connections in one place
3. can post keynote and images to describe everything that we need
4. allows anybody push notifications with text, images, audio and video-huge advertisement
5. the best solution for business owner and really priceless

let's having smartphone each other
p/s : for those who is not afford to buy it, juz be patient...wait till u have a good job ;)
(never mind if u just have 3310..still proud while having it)

Thursday, 28 June 2012

power of DSLR

now... DSLR users are everywhere...
i also do like DSLR..
DSLR is also named as 'digital single-lens reflex cameras are digital cameras combining the parts of a single-lens reflex camera, 
replacing the photographic film.  

canon-EOS 500D-

Indeed, DSLRs are widely used by consumers and professional still photographers. 
Often using a larger image sensor format, providing a higher dynamic range and signal to noise ration currently offer by a larger variety of dedicated lenses and other photography equipment of the DSLR. 
By contrast, DSLR also provides a larger depth of field. 

Monday, 25 June 2012

its all about social networks

hello friends!!
i bet all of u definitely know what is social networks right?
bcoz now i do 'facebooking' hehe
ok..even just a little..
i want to share a part of social networks. 
social networks is actually the medium that able you to connect, communicate, interact and networking each other in social online environment via the use of website with
the simplest, fastest and easier way. 
it's so amazing ;)
nevertheless, here there are such popular social networking sites; 
facebook that has been recognized by Mark Zukerberg. Here everybody can having some chit chat, sharing photos and videos as well. But i didn't prefer to use myspace. bcoz for me this myspace was too social. Hrmmmm,  don't worry, nowadays does not many users prefer to 'spacing' each other. 
Using many online networks, skype was ranking in the top as the chatting with video calling from over around the world.. Especially for those who being far each other, skype will help us to connect each other. 
I almost forgotten the twitter that also show the popular connection for users for 'twitting' each other. Not encourage for people that always seeking this medium to express their feeling and it will be posted at the wall. So that, everybody can know what had happen. 
instagram had raised many users among smartphones nowadays. It's a fast, beautiful and fun to share your photos within friends and families. This instagram
can be used via iPhone and Android only...
last but not least, blogger like i'm doing right now. Sharing, talking what 
on my minds right my feelings...happiness, sadness, depressed..
- it's all about social networks - 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

my lovable iPhone

morning everyone!!
this time i want to share little bit about iPhone 4 
which currently i'm using this smartphone as for my kind perusal
i'm lovin this iPhone
bcoz this is one of my birthday present form my mom
it was so valuable and slightly expensive
i was so grateful...thanks mama
it's like my little diary which i can add, taking pixs, connecting to everyone easily
so lets enjoy about this! ;)

The iPhone 4 is a touch screen slate 3G smartphone developed by Apple Inc. It is the 4th generation Iphone, and successor to the iPhone 3GS. This was particularly marketed for video calling connection which called as FaceTime, and has consumption of media such as books and periodicals, movies, music, and games and also for general web and e-mail access. The iPhone 4 runs Apple's Ios operating system, the same operating system as used on prior iPhones, the iPad, and iPod Touch. It is mainly controlled by a user's fingertips on the multi-touch display, which is sensitive to fingertip contact.

The display of the iPhone 4 is manufactured by LG which
under an exclusive contract with Apple. It features an LED backlit TFT LCD capacitive touchscreen  with a pixel density of326 pixels per inch (ppi) on a 3.5 in (8.9 cm) (diagonally measured), 960×640 display. The iPhone 4 features an additional front-facing VGA camera, and a backside-illuminated 5 megapixel rear-facing camera with a 3.85 mm f/2.8 lens and an LED  flash. Furthermore, iPhone 4 contains apenta-band 3G UMTS antenna, not a quad-band 3G UMTS radio, as advertised by Apple. Hence, iPhone 4 uses a Micro-SIM card on iPhone 4 devices running on a GSM network, which is positioned in an ejectable tray, located on the right side of the device. Lastly, all data is stored in flash memory, 8, 16 or 32 GB, and not on the SIM. Unlike prior generations, the storage capacity is not printed on the back of the unit.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

my new world

Hye everybody!
this is my first post
to my new blogging world
and now i'm realize i was being a blogger too...
(little bit nervous :-@)
this blog i created juz 4 my task
that is
 MIS 750 (Management Information System)
bcoz, this is one of my coursework 
for my Master studies..
currently I'm struggle in semester 2
and juz one more sem to go...
MIS750 not so tough actually..
maybe at first i felt worried, nervous facing my Prof
Assoc Prof Norzaidi namely
I'm wrong...he's soo funny 
and i'm proud on him bcoz he was being such a successful lec. 
he shared his knowledge n many experience he had during class
middle on May, test comes around
having test 1 makes me so worried
everythings in my head...
(dont know what i hv to read)
so lucky i have this to read

when the test already mark, 
i was so panic...
thinking that i was the one at the bottom mark..
one by one name's calling
thanks God
bcoz my name has been called at 4th last highest students
bcoz its just a thin book but have many inputs, 
i can answer the test well..

now i dont know what i want to share anymore..
just have a few in my mind
will update anything on my coming post
soo, just wait up yaa!! ;)