Sunday, 1 July 2012

maxis wireless M2M

OLLA all!!
have u heard bout maxis wireless m2m??
this is the topic that i had to finish up for my task
regarding my last individual assignment
for this subject, MIS 750..
this system i have known when i had an interview session with one of the senior manager in Maxis Communication system...this task would ask me
to know further about how does 'system' works in organizations...

Maxis Wireless M2M is a telemetry or telematics service that provides seamless communication between devices or servers wirelessly via SMS, GPRS, 3G or Circuit Switch Dial-UP (CSD), requiring 
no user input.

hence, the M2M fleet management solution is a network application system with strong functions that can manage and conduct control over automobiles anywhere. 
the system also performs functions like reading details report, and monitoring the current status of automobiles with a simply standard browser.

{plis do visit this above URL.this link might help u to understand what M2M wireless produced}

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